Victorian Aboriginal Executive Council (AEC)


Victorian Aboriginal Executive Council (AEC)

The Victorian Aboriginal Executive Council (AEC) was established in 2018 to provide a self-determining collaboration, policy development and advocacy mechanism for Victoria’s peak, lead and state-wide Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations.

The AEC focuses across all sectors and the needs and rights of all Aboriginal people in Victoria including Aboriginal Elders, children, young people and families. The AEC respects the unique and particular rights of Aboriginal Traditional Owners throughout Victoria and the role of the First Peoples Assembly of Victoria in driving the Treaty process.

The role of the AEC includes:

  • Pursuing the rights of Aboriginal people in Victoria including the right to self-determination
  • Extending the legacy of Aboriginal community members who developed the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Sector
  • Communicating and engaging with the Aboriginal community through AEC members
  • Coordinating public policy and advocacy from across its membership
  • Influencing State and Commonwealth Government policy
  • Working collaboratively with other Aboriginal Community Controlled bodies including the First Peoples Assembly of Victoria
  • Engaging with the Victorian Government and Parliament to embed the right of self-determination in law, policy, programs and practice
  • Holding governments accountable for their commitments to Aboriginal people including the Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework and Closing the Gap framework
  • Working with the Victorian Secretaries’ Leadership Group on Aboriginal Affairs (SLG) to achieve outcomes for the Aboriginal community
  • Participating in the National Coalition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peaks in the redevelopment and implementation of the Closing the Gap framework
  • Advocating to the community services sector, public authorities, philanthropic trusts and foundations and others to support the rights of Aboriginal people

The AEC terms of reference outline the background to the development of the AEC and the membership and functions of the AEC. Information on AEC members can be found here and you can contact the AEC through the AEC Secretariat via email or call 039 480 7777. You can also register to receive a quarterly AEC Bulletin with updates on the AEC’s work.

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