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Indigital is an Aboriginal controlled organisation that delivers intervention and capacity building programs for young Indigenous people in Victoria through music and storytelling.

It was initially launched in July 2005 through Frayneworks Multimedia. It was developed with the ongoing support and endorsement of Indigenous Community Members and Indigenous Education and Training Organisations. An Indigenous reference group was established and consulted to guide the process. Its establishment was supported by The Sidney Myer Foundation, and programs were further support by The RioTinto Foundation and an ANZ Foundation Trust.

While Indigital ran successfully from within Frayneworks for a number of years, programs slowly decreased in frequency and capacity and eventually ceased operation in 2009.

The original Indigital Centre was located on the ground floor of the Frayneworks offices at 55 Barry Street, Carlton. This environment was not immediately accessible to young Indigenous people.

The new Indigital Multimedia Centre will be located in the MAYSAR building, at 184 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. This location has a strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and is frequented by a wide cross-section of the local young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Frayneworks have signed over all Indigital programs and naming rights to Gary Saunders, the Indigital Coordinator. During the reestablishment phase of Indigital, the Aboriginal Advancement League (AAL) will be the auspice body and will provide support for the initial reestablishment. With over 50 years of experience working with the Victorian Aboriginal community and the strong community philosophy, the AAL will provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Who We Are

Indigital works in schools, TAFE College’s and other learning institutions and with welfare and community services organisations to engage young Aboriginal people in music and storytelling.

Indigital connects young people to expertise, teaching and mentoring to help them develop their musical abilities and talents.

Music is a powerful medium for Indigenous people to enable them to communicate with each other and the wider community.

Indigital uses the power of music to give young Aboriginal people a voice, to connect young Aboriginal people to their community, their culture and their heritage.

Music is also a doorway for young people to personal development and training opportunities.

  • As well as developing skills in the visual and performing arts, music and digital storytelling programs provide young people with opportunities to be involved in:
    Creative expression
  • Writing
  • Teamwork
  • Cultural learning

Indigital aims to combine technological and informal learning practices; life-long holistic learning frameworks and unique music and digital storytelling programs to re-engage Indigenous young people back into training at both at a local and state-wide level.

Indigital provides a vital service to Koori communities within Melbourne and throughout regional Victoria who often lack the facilities, technology, knowledge and skills, to provide local training and production in Music, Painting and Digital Storytelling. Indigital provides these resources and opportunities.

Indigital has developed a website and delivered a selection of unique programs. The website’s role is to market and promote the participant’s work, and provide relevant program information. Indigital’s predominant focus will be on the face to face program delivery of music and digital storytelling programs both in-house, to Victorian regional centres, and to selected schools. Indigenous participation in these culturally inclusive activities enable the development of their skills and musical abilities and gives the opportunity for the collection of their valuable cultural heritage stories.

Indigital’s programs follow the policy of the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated (VAEAI)which contend that ‘education works closely with health, social justice, housing, well-being and employment for the social well being and economic development of Koori communities’. Storytelling encapsulates all these, providing an opportunity and platform for participants to reflect and resolve issues. Indigital mentors provide the oral based tradition of passing on knowledge, further enhancing learning personal development andcultural expression. The programs will give participants the opportunity to be re-engaged in some form of training.

What We Want to Achieve

Mission Statement

Indigital – telling stories, making music – giving our youth a voice
Through stories, music, and performance developing talent and giving Aboriginal young people a voice Indigital will strengthen cultural identity and give voice to young Aboriginal people Indigital will strengthen the cultural identity of young Koories by connecting them to their culture through story and music and will increase the knowledge of non-Indigenous people through performance and cultural education.

To connect Aboriginal young people to their culture and help them find their place in the world through the power of music and story.

Figure 1: A world of possibilities for young people

Through Indigital programs, participants receive music industry training, career development and support and have opportunities for performance and self-expression through music. Using digital media, young people are provided opportunities to acquire skills, improve their self-esteem while strengthening their Aboriginal identity. A range of other outcomes may also eventuate – including recognition as an artist, accomplishment as a performer or a career in the music industry. Young people, are connected to mentors and Elders. Important social and teamwork skills are learned and young people, ultimately, are connected through Indigital back to community.

Indigital goals and objectives

Indigital goals can be considered in two broad groups- short term goals (for the remainder of the 2011 Calendar Year) focussed on the re-establishment of the organisation and development of a strong foundation and longer term goals around the operation of programs.
Short term goals (2011)
Reestablish Indigital as a viable organization and business

  1. Establish the Indigital Multimedia Hub at the MAYSAR building in Gertrude Street.
  2. Establish a strong and skilled Board made up of young Aboriginal men and women and a culturally appropriate governance and decision-making structure.
  3. Establish a strong network of mentors, teachers and guides who are able to connect young people to culture and learning.
  4. Establish effective partnerships with other key Aboriginal arts and cultural development organistions in Melbourne, including Songlines and with 3KND.
Main Office
2 Watt Street Thornbury
Phone:   03 94807777
Fax:   03 94169092
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