Metropolitan Aboriginal Development Officer

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Metropolitan Aboriginal Development Officer

Aboriginal Development Officer

The ADO funded is by Department of Health and Auspiced by and based at AALI
The day to day responsibility – answerable to CEO of the AALI.
Ultimately the ADO is responsible to Network Chairperson

Background information

In 1994 Victorian Aboriginal HACC programs AALI, ACES & VAHS worked with DHS to establish the Metropolitan Aboriginal HACC Network and the Aboriginal Development Officer (ADO) position.
There are ADO positions statewide based in DH regions.
To ensure Aboriginal community control, the three ACCOs insisted the metropolitan ADO be based at an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation.

ADO Service Objectives

  • Keep Network informed of HACC practices on a local, state, national level eg; VCAACD the
  • Victorian Committee Aboriginal Aged Care Disability
  • Provide governance / legal information
  • Organize and participate in meetings and planning forums;
  • Participate in relevant policy development process.

ADO Duties include

  • Secretariat to Metro Aboriginal HACC Network
  • Research and inform Network of HACC Issues / policies / funding
  • Inform and assist with funding submissions
  • Inform, organize and assist with training needs of Network agencies
  • Provide a range of support to Network agencies
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